Alaya : 2020-06-02 00:52:34 - Asia/Singapore
心经工作坊 7
Sat 16 May 2020 to Sat 18 Jul 2020
By Little Dharma Works
internet, Singapore(000000)
Registration 31 Mar 2020 to 22 May 2020
Event '心经工作坊 7' is currently closed.
Registration is from 31 Mar 2020 to 22 May 2020.


日期: 2020年5月16日 至 7月18日(星期六)

时间: 下午2至4点

地点: 网上授课

报名费 : $30

报名费(资助): $15(乐龄人士/在籍学生/国民服役人员)

课程的报名费和dana将全数捐赠给新加坡佛教施诊所 Singapore Buddhist Free Clinic.

报名注册成功之后,您将被添加入课程 Telegram broadcast channel,以可收到课程信息。

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This Heart Sutra class is a Chinese.

Sun 17 May 2020, 23:48

Hi, yes you can but register as soon as possible. Thank you.

Sun 17 May 2020, 23:45

hi i just came to know about this class and missed the first lesson. Is it still possible to sign up?

Sun 17 May 2020, 21:56

Hi, may i know the heart sutra is in Chinese or English?

Sun 17 May 2020, 17:06

SMS-ed you. Thanks.

Sun 17 May 2020, 15:45

Please msg me at 86969817. Thank you

Sun 17 May 2020, 15:36

Can we still join the lessons if the registration is closed?

Sun 17 May 2020, 15:29

Hi Teresa. Please check your Heart Sutra Telegram Broadcast Channel for the login.

Sat 16 May 2020, 13:46

Hi I had registered, may I know how to login?

Sat 16 May 2020, 13:38

I am unable to make payment using PayPal . Pls help

Tue 12 May 2020, 16:11

Hello. You are most welcome to join us and learn the Heart Sutra together.

Sun 10 May 2020, 19:46

Will it be suitable for someone who is totally new to Buddhism to attend this workshop? Thank you.

Sun 10 May 2020, 17:55

Most likely there will be one. The date depends on Shifu’s schedule and it is not known yet. Look out for it in Alaya or LDW broadcast channel.

Fri 08 May 2020, 23:37

Can I ask when is the English class?

Fri 08 May 2020, 23:04

Hi, may I know what is the problem?

Sat 25 Apr 2020, 14:55

I can’t register online. Any other method.

Sat 25 Apr 2020, 14:41

The class is conducted in Chinese. Amituofo 🙏

Wed 01 Apr 2020, 00:35

Amituofo! May I know is the class conducted in English or Chinese? Thank you n Amituofo!

Wed 01 Apr 2020, 00:28