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The Fine Prints

By signing up for an account, and registering for our event, you hereby give consent to the collection and use of your name, mobile number and email address by LDW and our volunteers for the purpose of planning and carrying out the event and informing you of our future events.

Other data provided for events will be used in the same way by LDW and volunteers. You consent to the use of videos and photographs taken of you during such events in our websites (including Youtube, Facebook and other social media platforms) for promotional and educational purposes.

LDW shall not be held responsible for any damages, loss or awakening experienced by the participants.

Safe Management Measures

  • All participants are to wear masks and maintain social distancing at all times.
  • Registration and temperature taking will be done upon arrival.
  • Use TraceTogether to check-in and check-out. Please install the TraceTogether app on your phone in advance or bring the token along. Note that some venues may only have QR code for TraceTogether app via mobile.

If you say YES to ANY of the following, you CANNOT attend in person. You may attend the event or class via zoom/facebook where available. Please inform the event IC as soon as possible.

1. Unwell or having any fever or flu-like symptoms.
2. Travelled overseas in the last 14 days.
3. Under a Quarantine Order / Isolation Order / Stay-Home Notice / Leave of Absence.
4. Had close contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case in the last 14 days.
5. Has someone in the household who is positive for #3 or #4.

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